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I love the months of October and November.

The weather becomes crisp and clear. The leaves drift from green, to red, gold and finally brown and drop. The geese form their large” V” formations and move to warmer venues, announcing their field takeoffs with distinctive unmistakable honking. The sweaters come out and the heat comes on as the weather cools.

This year I have also moved from full time work to something different. My retirement planning is kicking in and my first social security check came on time. I am grateful for the early advice I got on planning. The most valuable asset we all have is time and if you are reading this and you are early in your career, save and invest. It matters.

I am continuing my board work, consulting, coaching and volunteering. I am grateful to be able to control my time more, but I miss my air traffic controller and her ability to keep my life on track. I am also grateful I still have IT support.

Muddy Boots has always been about going into the field and listening to the answers from two questions. How are you doing and what could we be doing better? At Modern and Episcopal Community Services the answers to these two questions gave me insight to move the business and support the people who I worked with or who were clients.

What remains a focus for me is that how I answer those questions and for many the answers are significantly different. At ECS our focus on poverty and lifting individuals through support and coaching remains very much on my radar. For many individuals as they age there is little social security, little if any retirement, and while there is Medicaid, access to care remains a challenge.

So, in this season of Thanksgiving and for me and many in transition, I ask that you remember our brothers and sisters in need, not just now, but year-round. Support organizations that do this work well, that believe that transition through transformation is the path forward and while maintaining folks may be necessary, it is not a long-term solution. Hold organization accountable for real impact.

If we are to be stewards of our time, treasure and talent, let us remember the power of service to others. Not just in October and November, but all the year round.

Dave Griffith is the author of The Muddy Boots Blog and is the Executive Director and Head Coach Emeritus of Episcopal Community Services. He also serves as a Senior Advisor at The Delaware Valley Family Business Center

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